Kalanchoe Concrete Skull Planter

Kalanchoe Concrete Skull Planter

Handmade, realistic looking,  cool and unique skull planter made from concrete.


Measures 5 1/2 inches (14 cm) tall and 7 inches (17.78 cm) from chin to back of the skull. *


Price includes succulents! This planter comes to you already planted with cactus soil, succulents (Kalanchoe Luciae) and air plants.


Price is $45.00 USD plus the cost of shipping.**


*Due to the nature of the hand-making and concrete hardening processes, items may have some chips/"flaws."  Please look at the photos carefully before making your final purchase. 


**Shipping within the Continental US only.



    1. UNPACK immediately.

    • Use caution to avoid breaking leaves; beware of any cacti or other prickly plants.
    • Loose soil on the foliage can easily be removed with a light brushing or watering.
    • Any stretched or faded plants will recover when transitioned into brighter light.
    • Withered leaves at the base of any plant is part of the natural growing process of succulents and may be removed as necessary.

    2. WATER if soil is dry.

    • Drench with planter face up in the sink, with a garden hose or using a watering can making sure water is making its way into the eyes and nose openings of the planter.
    • Tilt gently to remove droplets from leaves.
    • Allow planter to drain completely.  Water should expel itself from the bottom drain holes of the planter.

    3. PROTECT from heavy rain, extreme temperatures and full sun (in summer).

    • Give plants 4-7 days to recover from shipping in a bright indoor location or outdoors in part/filtered sun.
    • If keeping outdoors in the summer, keep in part/filtered sun for two weeks before transitioning into full sun.


    • Place succulent planter in a sunny location.
    • Stretching, greening and fading may occur if plants do not receive enough light.


    • Hardy succulents always grow best outdoors; soft succulents grow well outdoors in warm climates.
    • Keep in part/filtered sun for two weeks before transitioning into full sun.